July 20, 2014


Overthinking: The art of creating problems that are not even there.

Do you ever lay in bed a night and find that you cannot fall asleep because you're lost in your thoughts? I certainly do, it happens a lot actually. I lay in bed at night and create problems that don't even exist. It's quite a frustrating thing, but it's normal..

When I am faced with stressful periods in my life, I react to them in different ways. One is over thinking or over analysing the situation I am in. It's not exactly a fun thing to be doing, getting twisted in your own mind, always looking at the negative side of things. As a young teenager, I am already faced with hard obstacles and challenges to overcome and it can be difficult to talk to someone about it. As cliche as it sounds, talking to someone about your problems can benefit you and your well-being. Sometimes we have to be reminded that what ever ridiculous, exaggerated thought we've come up with in our minds is NOT real. 

I hate overthinking. It's the worst. It puts all these negative thoughts in my head. I make up scenarios, both good and bad. It can lead to false hope, a bad mood and leaves a feeling of worthlessness. It stops me from doing what makes me happy because i'm scared of the outcome and don't want to take a risk. It prevents me from saying what I want to say because I assume that i'll make a fool out of myself. Overthinking sucks, it happens, it's apart of growing, you just have to know how to deal with it.

Instead of thinking negative, think positive. Happiness is key, read more about being happy here 
Do NOT believe that you have gone mad! - You are NOT alone!

Note to self: Stop overthinking, it will be okay in the end!


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