November 23, 2014

Kylie Jenner Hair Phases

 Kylie Jenner has wowed and inspired everyone in different hair styles, colours and looks. From the classic black, balayage, turquoise, long and short. Kylie has a different style for everyday of the week!

Remember when it started? Kylie's long, subtle balayaged hair.

Remember when she chopped it all off back in January? I remember falling in love with the new look! Still keeping the subtle balayaged ends but a lot shorter.

And this happened in June. The "M&M hair" as she called it. The turquoise hair that blew everyone away, guess she loved it so much that she's gone back to it!

Then she dyed it all black! I love Kylie's flicked off the shoulder length cut she went for in August. SO CHIC!

September, Classic Kylie's long black hair. I guess she got sick of the short hair, but we loved it!

Happy Halloween Kylie! Kylie captioned this one with "a little grey never hurt no body" Whatever you say Miss Jenner! Looks like a lot of fun.

Queen Kylie went back to the classic balayaged hair. Love this one, cutest half up do also.

I guess she couldn't get enough of that turquoise. This time she opted for a long-do m&m look. 
I adore it!

So there we have it, Kylie has more hair phases than the moon. Definitely take a snip off a style for your next visit to the hair salon.


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