November 08, 2014

Reflection: Behaviour, Sense of Self & Actions

Constant negative thoughts cross my mind, stress builds, challenges become harder, and life just gets a lot tougher. The feeling of being obscured, in doubt or un certained about the choices we make in life can get overwhelming and make us feel un happy. Lately, I've had time to reflect on my behaviour, my sense of self and my actions.

My behaviour is shown through the people who I surround myself with. For example; if I surround my self with people with negative attitudes, It reflects my behaviour, and makes me a negative person. If I surround myself with people with positive attitudes, it makes me a better person.
I always, always tell myself that the people around me are going to influence my behaviour. I want to be a happy, positive person but that can only happen if I am around people who portray those behaviours.

My sense of self is determined by the way I look and feel. For example; if I am constantly picking out flaws on myself, i'm going to be a very insecure and miserable person. It's okay to have insecurities, things we don't like about ourselves, however, I constantly tell myself that no one in the world looks like me and has these features. I am unique, you are unique. We need to start reminding ourselves that we are all human, we all have different appearances. Even if we don't particularly like our appearance, it's what we are born with and what we need to embrace!

My actions are portrayed by the people around me. As well as my behaviour, the way I think and act also are determined by the people who I surround myself with. For example; if I surround myself with people who are positive, energetic, supportive, kind, considerate, generous and loving, it reflects on my actions and makes me healthier and happier. If it was the opposite and if I surrounded my self with people who are negative, furious, pissed off, annoyed, rude and un supportive, it's going to reflect on my actions and make me upset and life is way too short to be anything but happy!

Behaviour, Sense of Self and Actions. All three come from the people around us, the choices we make and the challenges we face. These continue to make us stronger, more powerful and a better person than we are today.


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