December 07, 2014


There are two types of people, one who takes a compliment when received and another who rejects the compliment when received. As for me, it can be hard to take a compliment. Insecurities get in the way and it can be difficult to accept a praise from another person when feeling down. 

Have you ever had these thoughts?

" When I am complimented, I don't believe it and I assume the person is only saying it because they feel bad "

" I never know how to respond to a compliment "

" Whenever I accept the compliment, people judge. When I reject the compliment, people think i'm an attention seeker "

" When I say 'thank you', I sound overconfident "

If you find it hard to take compliments because you don't believe them, that's nothing to be ashamed of. We all have insecurities, things we can't accept about ourselves or things that we're unsure of and rejecting compliments because of that, is completely understandable and okay. We are taught to stay modest and humble and we get told to love ourselves. Finding it hard to take a compliment is tough for most of us but we have to learn to accept it, we need a little praise once in a while! 

Not knowing how to respond to a compliment is the tricky one. It can be a struggle to look at the person in the eyes and say a simple 'thank you' without getting pink in the face and looking at the ground. This usually happens when your self-esteem levels are low. When they are down, they need a little help back up so accepting compliments will do you good! Having a higher self-esteem will allow your confidence to expand and you'll be a much happier person. It's extremely common to not want to come across as 'cocky' when accepting a compliment, I know I can relate to that but honestly, who are we hurting? the only person we're hurting when we reject a compliment is ourselves!

So how can we take a compliment? 

Remember that you are entitled to receive compliments as everyone else. If you don't know what to say, simply "smile". If you find it hard to accept it, and you feel uncomfortable, simply thank the person and let it go.

You are loved!


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