March 19, 2017

When I Write.

When I write, it is like my subconscious is giving me advice. The advice I give on this blog is different to reality. When I write, my mind runs wild. Every letter, sound and syllable suddenly forms these unusually brilliant sentences that allows me to see things from a clear perspective. It like there is another being telling me what to do, messing with my head, varying my perspectives and changing my outlook on life. When I write, I feel transcended to another universe. I suddenly feel like I have my whole life figured out. I suddenly feel like I have dealt with my problems. - like I know what I am talking about. However, it is not the case. I do not give advice, I just tell myself what I think I should do. It is confusing and completely erratic, but strangely makes sense to me. For example; I say how important it is to not worry about what other people think, yet it is something that occurs to me on a daily basis. Why do I think like this? - Why do I keep telling myself to do something yet I refuse to escape my bubble. I refuse to go a head with it. I refuse to trust myself. It is like trying to cross the finish line; you are only one metre away but you feel this strong wind-like compulsion pulling you back. You know what is right, yet you continue doing wrong. When I write, it makes sense to me. When my mind is filled with a million things, I write. In reality I cannot seem to do the same thing. I choke on my words and I freeze at horrible moments. I know deep down what I should do but I refuse to believe it. When I Write, I understand. It all makes sense to me.

Love always,
Sara xo

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