January 14, 2015

Lush Favourites

If you know me, you know that I'm Lush obsessed. I love bathing is sweet scents and I love anything that will make me feel all nice and relaxed. Lush is my go-to relaxation method. I love the scents, I love how they're natural and I love how soothing the products are. These are just some of my favourite Lush goodies and keep in mind that the majority are Christmas limited edition.

My latest obsession is the Snow Fairy Shower Gel. I'm in love with the candy floss scent. It leaves the skin feeling soft, shimmery and sweet smelling. It's a best seller and unfortunately only comes out at Christmas time, so if you ever see it in store, definitely pick it up! If you love sweet scents, this is for you!

This is FUN. It's pink and smells just like the Snow Fairy Shower Gel. I haven't actually used this yet but wanted to include it because of how cute it is. It's basically natural and nice smelling play dough. You can make different shapes and use it as shampoo, body wash and/or you can even use this in your bath just by running a piece under the tap. Smells heavenly and a little thing to do when you're bored. Can't wait to use it.

Lush Bubblegum and Santa's Lip Scrub. I hate dry, flakey lips and these scrubs save my life. The pink one (the one on the left) is bubblegum scented and it super sweet. The bubblegum scrub is apart of Lush's range so you can pick it up anytime of the year. There's also a few other flavours if you're not a sweet fan. Santa's lip scrub is a newbie to my collection. It's coke scented and is just wonderful. This scrub gives your lips a red-tint when used which it super nice. Both these scrubs leave the lips feeling soft and make lipstick application so much easier.

The most exciting bit are the bath products. The white bath bomb is called 'Butter Ball' and it's one of my favourites. It's vanilla scented and soothes the skin, releasing bits cocoa butter into the water to really relax the body. Butter ball is also permanent in the range. The pink one is called 'The Comforter'. I love the comforter because it smells sweet and like marshmallows. You crumble a piece under running water and it creates these gorgeous pale pink bubbles. This is also permanent in the range. Lastly, the yellow bath bomb is called 'Cinders'. I love this one because it smells like cinnamon and crackles in the bath. It's warm and comforting and I love it but sadly it's limited edition and only comes out at Christmas time.

They are my warm and fuzzy Lush favourites. There's defiantly going to be heaps of Lush posts coming because I'm crazy obsessed and love a good bath. If you have any recommendations on Lush products, comment them below because I'd love to try out some more!


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