December 15, 2016

2016 November Favourites ♡

I cannot believe that we are now in the last month of 2016! It has gone way too quickly. This past month started up not so uplifting. I have been feeling pretty run down lately - hopefully that changes as we are officially in full festive mode...This is a little different to my usual monthly favourites because I unfortunately did not accumulate any new and amazing products to share but I wanted to talk about a couple of life style favourites instead. Also, there is quite the horror/thriller theme with all the films I have been watching through November.

Scars to your beautiful - Alessia Cara
Wild Things - Alessia Cara
How Far I'll Go - Alessia Cara
Safe Inside - James Arthur
Can I be Him - James Arthur 
Run - Snow Patrol

TV Shows/Movies
The Conjuring 2 - I finally watched it. Alone in my room. To be honest, I did not get as scared as I thought I would. I got a little emotional at some parts in the film (is that weird), like when they all sang heart was full. I just really enjoyed watching it. 100% better than the first one.

Don't Breathe - I strangely enjoyed this film. I'll be honest, some bits are a little cringe worthy but it is one of those films where you are sitting on the edge of your seat, trying not to make any noise because you feel like you are in the movie. Hence the name 'Don't Breathe' ha ha ha.

Ouija; Origin of Evil - I think after watching this movie, it is fair to say that I will never touch a Ouija board. I do not care if someone pays me a million dollars. Any-who, I really enjoyed watching this. It is not overly scary, but there are a few jump scares that made my heart skip a beat.

Fantastic Beasts; and Where to Find Them - The long, anticipated wait is over. I have been excited for this movie since it was announced. I absolutely loved every second of it. If you love Harry Potter, you would very much enjoy this film. It was a perfect combination of all the emotions. - I did shed a few too many tears. Basically, J.K Rowling is life so go and see this film now!

American Horror Story Season 6 - I freaking love AHS. I was a little confused watching this season at first because it is so different to all the other ones. However, I am obsessed! It is so twisted yet humorous and emotional at the same time. I love the cast and everything about it. It is hands down up there with my top favourite AHS seasons.

RETREAT! The last few days of November, progressing on to December, my year group went on a retreat. Despite the increasingly large amount of flies, intense stuffiness in the rooms, broken shower doors, creepy sounds in the evening, tears and sleepless nights; I had a lovely time. It was one of those retreats where you just switched off from reality and got heart to heart with the people around you. I found out things about people that I never would have thought of or assumed. I have never felt more empathetic towards those around me. It was so nice to hear that I was not alone. 

The Little Things:
Taking Polaroid photos has also been such a fun thing to do with all my friends. I brought my Polaroid camera to my retreat, that had been sitting on a dusty shelf in my room for the past year untouched. I just love the whole thought of capturing a single shot and seeing people's anxious faces as they wait to see if the photo turned out. It is is an amazing way in capturing moments in time + you get cute photos to hang around in your room. Also, an amazing Christmas gift for yourself or someone obsessed with taking photos.

I hope you enjoy the final month of 2016! I am so excited because Christmas is just around the corner, followed by the start to a new year. I cannot wait to watch Elf over and over again.

Love always,
Sara xo

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