December 14, 2017


Have you ever experienced one of those days where everything just does not go quite to plan? Welcome to the story of my unfortunate Thursday... 

It all started at approximately 5:53am. I received my delightfully unpleasant HSC results and I could lie and say they were brilliant but to be honest, like many peers (assuringly), disappointment filled the air that not so welcomingly influenced the rest of the however many hours of my day. It is so difficult for me to comprehend that I worked so hard to be let down..and yes I know "exams do not define you," it just sucks when you see a mark that does not meet your expectations. I know I will move on from this and thankfully I received an early offer into University, so my life is not completely over. 

Following this unexpected atrocity that resulted into a spiral of bad luck, I decided it would be a good idea to shop and take my mind of this..but it did not go quite as hoped for. From not having my size in any clothing items I liked or being sold out of every beauty product I wanted, spilling a drink all over my dress and almost falling over. Also, I was feeling completely awful about myself, so the lack of confidence helped immensely. I found that I was comparing myself to people, whether that was exam marks or physical appearances. On top of that I had a migraine which was the 'cherry on top.' Basically, I was having one of those days where I wish I stayed it bed...

I may sound a little over dramatic in this blog post, but what I am vigorously trying to remind myself today is that essentially some days suck and some do not. Tomorrow is a new day and you cannot undo the past. For me specially and anyone that is or has been disappointed in their exam marks, you did as best as you could and unfortunately you cannot go back and change. Instead, move forward and learn from your mistakes. More importantly, applaud yourself and appreciate the hard work you have achieved for making it this far, whether that is during school exams and in life. 

Another thing that I remind myself is that things happen for a reason and in divine time. Meaning, maybe you were not meant to get that top mark in your exams or maybe today was not supposed to be a good day because something great is destined to happen to you. A wise man said all roads lead to great things so keep your head up and keep fighting. Bad days like this only make you appreciate the good days.

Love always,
Sara xo 

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