August 26, 2014

Emergency Make-Up!

We all need an emergency make up kit. These are the products that save me in an emergency.

Lip must-haves

♡ Lip gloss. A classic pink lipgloss is a must. This is my Benefit gloss in "Dandelion". If I ever need to be somewhere in a rush, this saves me! 

♡ Lip balm. Everyone needs a lip balm in their kit. Nivea lip butters are super moisturising. Mine is in "Raspberry Rose". If you're planning on kissing someone *wink wink* they'll enjoy. 

Three eye essentials.

♡ Eye base. If you're in a rush to leave the house, whack this on! This is the Maybelline colour tattoo in "Barely Branded". Perfect everyday shade that will save you in an emergency.

♡ Eye liner. Nothing worse than smudged eyeliner, right? Even worse if you have to be somewhere after. Quick to apply and saves your life! This is my Maybelline colour show eyeliner in "Ultra Black".

♡ Mascara. How can we forget this must. We all need a cute mini mascara in our emergency make up kits! This is my Benefit "They're Real" mascara. Classic and saves me from the worst. 

Face lovers

♡ Blush. Important step when you look/feel miserable. This can fix your problems and brighten up your face. Makes you look more alive! This is my beautiful NYX blush in "Pinched".

♡ Powder. A need in an emergency. Bare Minerals "Touch Up Duo" is a classic and cute pressed compact powder to touch up the face. This comes with a mirror and adorable little brush to fix your problems. A life saver.

♡ Foundation Stick. Foundation sticks are super handy because you can use it as concealor and too hide any pesky blemishes throughout the day. This is the Maybelline "Fit me" foundation stick. Super practical.

These are the products that save me from my worst. What's in your emergency make up kit?


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