August 02, 2014

July Beauty Favourites

It's that time of the month again, not that one but yes the one where the internet is overloaded with what people having been loving for the month. I've never done one of these before, so this is very exciting *laughs* I'd thought I'd keep it simple and share my favourite beauty products that I have been enjoying the past month.

The products I've been crazy for this past month

1. VO5: Give me texture: According to the label, this is a dry texturising spray with sea salt, for effortless, sexy undone hair. If you're like me and have very fine hair, this is your new best friend. I've been loving using this product after I curled my hair to give it a little texture or even when I'm too lazy to do my hair. I just spray this in, scrunch my hair and my hair looks like I spent a lot of time on it. This product claims to add grip to your hair so your hair style lasts longer which I believe is definitely true. I am obsessed!

2. e.l.f: High definition under eye setting powder: This is a translucent powder for under the eye. I love this product because it sets my under eye concealer. I find that my concealer doesn't crease on me and I've only recently noticed that it gives a "soft focus" to the under eye area. A lot of people say that it applies too heavy or they get glitter on their face, but I use my Real Techniques setting brush (another favourite of mine) and it works fine. This powder also slightly brightens up under the eye. If you look like a zombie in the morning, and need a little awakening, this is perfect!

3. Real Techniques: Setting Brush: As mentioned above, I have been loving this brush. The tip of the brush is tapered which perfect for getting into the inner corners of the eyes. I've been using this to apply my under eye setting powder and it works wonders. Real Technique brushes are my favourite because they don't loose their shape when they're washed. These synthetic brushes are light handled and easy to use. A definite "must-have"!

4. Maybelline: Instant age rewind eraser & dark circle treatment concealer: I'm a little late on this trend but this concealer has saved me from the worst. As you can see I've used a fair bit of this product. It has to be the only concealer I've tried that hides them awful dark circles under my eyes. This is in the shade "light pale" because I am quite pale but it does brighten up the under eye area as well as other features on my face. It is a wind up sponge application and erases dark circles and puffiness to make you look less of a zombie. As previously mentioned, I use a setting powder on top to prevent creasing as I found it did start to crease later on in the day because of the creamy consistency. Besides that, I'm in love.

5. e.l.f: Studio Blush: Another e.l.f product! This doesn't actually have the name of the colour on the product which is annoying but I'm pretty sure it's in the shade "Peachy Keen". At first I was turned off because of the gold glitter in the blush but then I started to use it more and fell in love. Yes, it has glitter and yes, it shows up on your cheeks. However, only slightly and it looks super gorgeous especially in the sunlight. Very buidable, not chalky and makes you look healthy! This beautiful pink-peach shade looks stunning, especially on pale skin. It makes you look more alive and gives a pretty flush to the cheeks. Love it a lot!

6. Cover girl: Flamed out mascara: At first, I was a little let down by this mascara but after a few more uses, I started to like it, a lot. There's been bad reviews on this mascara but I found this one to be natural looking on my lashes. The unusual, curvy wand curls my lashes, I don't even have to use a lash curler. I only use 1-2 coats because it can get clumpy. Although, It doesn't budge, and washes off easily. It gives more length than volume to the lashes. I've been really liking it and have been using it everyday. Worth a try!

And these are my favourite products in the month of July.


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