August 06, 2014

Top 5 Blushes

If there's one make up product that can immediately brighten up someone's day, it's blush.
Blush makes your skin look radiant and healthy. It adds a flush to your cheeks which makes you look dainty and happy, when applied correctly, that is...

These are my top 5 blushes, my favourites out of the blushes I have tried. They vary in pricing, but all give a gorgeous glow to my skin; Most of these shades a very similar but they're great ok bye.

1. Too Faced; Sweet Heart Blush; Candy Glow: I love this product, first of all can we take a moment to appreciate the cutest packaging!  This is the prettiest blush I have ever seen in my life. As you can see, there are three different pinky-peach shades. I love having the option to choose which colour I'd like, but all three swirled together look absolutely stunning, especially on paler skin. It gives a beautiful glow to the face without being too harsh It's light weight and very build able. This blush provides the perfect flush to the cheeks with just the right amount of shimmer to add the perfect healthy glow. Highly recommend! 

2. NYX Powder Blush; PB25 Pinched: This blush is so stunning! It's a bit lighter on camera but it's a gorgeous shimmery, natural pink. Super pretty and super pigmented. Glides on easily, blends out really well and creates a healthy glow to the skin. Very build able without looking like a clown. Easy to use, good value and light weight. Nothing but good things to say about this blush. There's also a very wide colour range for different skin tones, so in love.

3. e.l.f Blush; Peachy Keen: I mentioned this in my July Beauty Favourites. Beautiful colour. Don't get turned off my the gold glitters, at first I was but when I started to use it more, the glitters didn't appear on my face, only lightly. A lot of people complain about the glitter, but if used correctly and applied light handed, this is perfect. It adds a really pretty peachy colour to the skin and gives a healthy sheen. Looks amazing in the sunlight, been wearing it every day. Super in expensive, so it's worth a try!

4. NYX Rouge Cream Blush; Boho Chic: You can probably tell I love my NYX. This is a cream blush, very beautiful. It's a baby pink shade and super creamy. This blush gives the most stunning sheen to the face. I found the colour itself doesn't last hours but the glow stays on for a while. I apply this with my fingers which I feel is the easiest way and blends really well. Again, wide colour selection and over all a lovely blush. 

5. Bourjois Blush; 34 Rose D'or/Golden Rose; The famous Bourjois blush. Such a stunning product. It comes with a built in mirror so its super convenient and a brush but of course I lost it *laughs*.  Packaging is adorable, it closes on a magnet. It's a beautiful, shimmery pink, baked blush. Blends out seamlessly and is also slightly perfumed. The scent reminds me of my mothers dressing table. I don't normally like scented products but it's not overpowering at all. Heavenly blush, would defiantly repurchase this once it's used up. 

So they are my top 5 blushes. Hope this makes you want to go out and try something new.


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