December 16, 2014

Holiday Beauty Essentials

Christmas is upon us and it's an exciting time of the year. When it comes to the holidays, there are essentials that keep me in the Christmas spirit. Some including sparkling eyes, minty lips and red kisses. These are my beauty essentials!

 ☃ Sparkling nails are a must during the Holidays. I love my O.P.I Nail Varnish in 'Polka.Com'.
The hints of blue, pink and purple look gorgeous on the nails. 

☃ What screams Christmas other than sparkling cheeks. On the trend of a sparkle theme, my Revlon highlighting palette in the shade '030 Bronze Glow' makes the holidays a little brighter. This adds the perfect flush of warmth to the cheeks. (Bonus: You can use these as eye shadows)

☃ Gold eyes are a Christmas necessity. This is my Maybelline Colour Tattoo in the shade 'Bold Gold'. These are long wearing so they'll last even if you cry a lot because you love the holidays. This adds the perfect sparkle to the eye lid and looks gorgeous!

☃ Chapstick is so important, especially if it's in a Christmassy flavour. You're probably gonna be eating a lot of sweets anyway so why not prep your lips with Chapstick in the scents 'Velvet Cupcake' & 'Candy Cane'. These are super moisturising and are a life essential.

☃ Last but not least, what's a Christmas without red, glossy lips. This is my wonderful Revlon Colour-burst Lacquer Balm in the shade '120 Vivacious ExubĂ©rante'. This is more on the pinky side of red but who doesn't love a glossy bright lip for the holidays. 

♡ ☃ So these are my Holiday Beauty Essentials. What are yours? ☃ ♡ 

With love,


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