March 15, 2015

A Little Lush Haul

I just got back from a shopping spree! and of course I had to visit Lush and pick up some goodies that were too good to not pass up.

♡  Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb: I've never actually tried this one before but it was too beautiful to not purchase! It is floral scented which I'm not normally a fan of but this one has a faint rose scent which smells beautiful and is definitely a good one for this Autumn/Winter season! I heard this one was good for stress relief which is a must as I'm in an exam period.

♡  Twilight Bath Bomb: This has to be my all time favourite Lush scent! It smells kind of like spices which is absolutely divine. It's very warming and calming which I love. I've used this one before and it makes your bath look like the night sky so i'm very excited to use this one again!

♡  Big Blue Bath Bomb: I've never seen this one in stores before so I'm very keen to use it. This one is a mixture of lemon and lavender so it's seems quite relaxing. I love the shade of blue which is part of the reason I picked it up! I also heard this one is good for soreness in the muscle which is well needed right now!

They are the lovely Lush goodies I picked up today. I kept it minimal as I still am yet to use a bunch more Christmas bath bombs and bars in my basket!. I'm so excited for the Easter collection this year, I heard they're really good!


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