March 08, 2015

Review: New Chapstick Natural Papaw Lip Balm

I was lucky enough to try out the new Chapstick Natural Papaw lip balm! I'm a massive lover of lip balms; I always have one on hand. Chapstick make so many amazing balms in so many flavours so I was very keen on trying this one out.

When I first tried this out, I was so happy with the formula. Papaw is known to sooth the lips so it wasn't a shock to me. This balm soothes, moisturises and protects the lips from cracks and dryness. It gives the appearance of healthy looking lips which I adore! The packaging is super cute in a neon coral colour which is fun and bright so you look stylish whilst applying your lip balm *laughs at self*. What I love about this balm is that when you apply it, it glides on in a buttery texture which is amazing because most lip balms I've tried apply quite rough and I really have to press the product on my lips.  It claims to have 8 hour wear, which I do believe because throughout the day my lips were still soft! Most lip balms need re applying even after 5 minutes of application but this one keeps your lips moisturised which is awesome. I've been loving applying this soon as I wake up and before I go to bed. When I wake up, my lips feel nice and soft for the day ahead.

Chapstick Natural Papaw Lip Balms retail for $4.99 which I think is worth the money. If you want a balm that's going to help with dry lips, then definitely check this one out. It's currently not out yet in stores, but will be available soon in Priceline.

I hope this made you excited for this new balm! I think i've found my holy grail Chapstick!


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