April 09, 2015

Chocolate-Almond Protein Balls

I've been dying to find a protein ball recipe that I can make at home that is quick and easy. I came up with this chocolate/almond/coco-nutty goodness protein ball recipe that not only tastes good but is perfect for a pre/post workout snack or a bite when feeling peckish.

What you need:

- 130g rolled oats (blended in blender or you could use oat flour)
- 3 tsp cocoa powder
- 30g chocolate protein powder of your choice (I used bulk nutrients pure supplements chocolate whey protein isolate powder)
- 3 tbsp almond butter/spread
- 2 tsp shredded coconut
- 1 tsp almond milk
- Water (add until ingredients combine)

What you do:

1. Place 130g of oat flour into a bowl
2. Add in your cocoa powder and chocolate protein powder
3. Add a tablespoon of almond milk into your mixture
4. Place 3 table spoons of almond butter/spread (I melted it in the microwave for 20 seconds)
5. Add 2 teaspoons of shredded coconut
6. Mix ingredients together
7. Add your water and continue to mix until ingredients combine
8. Roll into balls of any size
9. Roll balls into shredded coconut
10. Place the balls on top of a baking sheet as they are sticky
11. Place in fridge for 25-30 minutes
12. Enjoy!

These protein balls taste so yummy. With my ingredients I made 7 medium-large sized balls, however you can make them whatever size you like. These are the perfect snack as they will help with that 4pm awkward hour hunger strike.


1 comment:

  1. They look amazing and yummy! Can't wait to make some of my own batch! xx