September 23, 2015

Rimmel London Eyebrow Collection

The strong eyebrow trend has been on going for a while now. Everybody wants bold, groomed eyebrows! I was lucky enough to try out the new Rimmel London eyebrow collection and I have been obsessed! The collection contains four brow mascaras and two brow palettes.

'Brow This Way' - Brow styling gel 
There are a total of three tinted eyebrow gels and one clear eyebrow mascara in the collection. The tinted ones come in dark brown, medium brown and blonde. These eyebrow mascaras are amazing; they groom, tint, tame and keep your brows in place throughout the day. The wand is also a good size as it's small enough to have control over how much product you get on the brow.

'Brow This Way' - Brow Sculpting Kit
I was so happy when Rimmel brought out an eyebrow kit because there isn't really one at the drugstore. The collection includes two brow sculpting kits; one in the shade medium brown and the other in dark brown. Unfortunately there isn't one for blondes in this collection. In the brow sculpting kit, there is a wax and powder. The wax is perfect to shape and define the brow and the powder fills in sparse areas and creates a bold finish. The kit also includes a mini spooli and angled brush.

These are the new brow products from Rimmel London!


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