January 16, 2016

Vegan Date & Coconut Truffles

When it comes to treats, there is nothing better than truffles that you can customise to whatever you like. A while ago (before I became Vegan), I did a post on some other protein balls which are nothing compared to these. These ingredients are super simple and good for the soul. I was so keen to make these and I am very pleased with the turn out, so I hope you like them too!


For the mixture:

♡ 225g of pitted dates

♡ 1/2cup of almonds
♡ 1/4cup cocoa powder
♡ 1/4cup coconut milk
♡ 1Tbs shredded coconut

For the toppings:

♡ Shredded coconut

♡ Cocoa Powder

To make life easier:

♡ A food processor

♡ Measuring cups


1. Add pitted dates into your food processor and mix until they form a gooey constituency.

2. Throw in the almonds and blend until they are chopped.
3. Pour in the cocoa powder, coconut milk and shredded coconut and allow that to combine into the mixture.
4. Once the mixture is all blended together; roll the mix into balls (any size) and then roll them into a bowl of your desired toppings.
5. Leave in the fridge for 1-2 hours and bon-appetite!

These treats are perfect for those who think Vegan food is disgusting, so share them around!

Love always,


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