March 26, 2016


Throwback to 2014 where all I would post was about LUSH! I went to the wonderful store today and picked up a few goodies. There wasn't much selection unfortunately and there weren't many Easter products either... I purchased just four of the bath products as I was kind of running low (total lie).

- Top left 'Sakura' bath bomb
- Bottom left 'Which came first?' bath bomb
- Top right 'Intergalactic' bath bomb
- Bottom right 'Bunch of carrots' bubble bar

Sakura bath bomb: the beautiful Japanese cherry blossom inspired bath bomb! this one is quite a gentle scent of jasmine and orange blossoms. It creates a beautiful bath with specks of blue and pink. I have used this one before and it's so comforting!

Which came first? Easter bath bomb: My favourite thing about this bath bomb is the rattling noise of the hidden object inside. According to the website, this bomb can be used up to three times if you crack it open... or you could use it all at once. The scent is described as 'fruity and sweet' however, it reminds me of the twilight bath bomb (a favourite of mine).

Intergalactic bath bomb: This is one of the prettiest bath bombs I've ever seen. The vibrant colours are stunning! This scent is refreshing with hints of peppermint that create rainbow water in your bath! I'm yet to use this one, although it sounds amazing!

Bunch of carrots Easter bubble bar: Thank you to the lovely lady at LUSH whose intriguing words provoked me into buying this! First off, how cute are the little carrots! This year they added a pink and purple carrot, rather than just plain orange. The scent is tropical-like and fresh.

That is all I purchased from LUSH! I can't wait to have more cozy, warm baths as it is getting into the colder weather in Australia. I hope you enjoy your long weekend and Happy Easter!

Love always,


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