May 08, 2016

Kylie Lip-kit Review l are they worth it?

I finally got around to purchasing the Kylie Lip Kits! There are a few down sides to my experience so carry on reading to find out...

Firstly, let's talk about the whole online order placing + shipping situation. If you did not already know; every week or every few weeks Kylie Cosmetics has a restock of their products as they get sold out very fast. On the 7th of April I decided to place an order; I was determined, however knew that it would have been impossible since the large population who adore Kylie, was keen to buy some too... There was a queue as the website was restocking and another queue to checkout. They both did not take too long, just a few minutes. Any-who, I added Candy K, Posie K and Kourt K into my cart. The downside to this part was that as I was typing in my card/details, Kourt K was removed from my cart because someone had already purchased it. Basically, this whole process was like the Hunger Games. So, hopefully Kylie will fix that issue. My order took about 12 days to arrive which wasn't too bad but it felt like forever!

Now, let's talk about the packaging. It's so sleek and sexy, I love it. The smell is of vanilla essence which I adore! My package arrived in this black and white box, and everything was placed well and securely. One kit comes with a pencil lipliner and the liquid lipstick. A card was also included in the box that had a message from Kylie. 

(L-R) Posie K, Candy K
The most important part is obviously the formula. These products are apart of her matte range, thus the formula is matte. I was a little sceptical at first because I did not know what to expect. I knew Kylie had to do these products justice as her lips are a talked about topic on the daily, however, a lot of celebrity make up lines/brands i've tried have been awful....The lipliner is super creamy and glides on the lips real smooth. The pigmentation is almost identical to the liquid lipstick formula as it is very opaque with one swipe. I haven't been one to use lipliner, however, using it has made the colour last longer and look a lot nicer. As for the liquid lipstick, the doe-foot applicator is the perfect size and allows precision when applying. The colour glides on evenly and dries into it's matte formula. I don't usually go for matte lipsticks as I find them quite drying on me, so lip balm is essential before hand. The formula is definitely long lasting - to the point where it took effort to remove. Unfortunately on my lips, I found the product to wear off quite flakey. I did also find Candy K to be a little more drying than Posie K. That may be because of the old formula. 

Candy K is a beautiful shade that I would describe as a nude with a pink undertone. I adore this shade because it is one of my favourite lip colours of all time. This shade would look perfect on all skin tones! I did find this one to sink into my lip lines which was annoying although, lip balm did help! 

Posie K is another stunner. I've been getting a tonne of compliments on this one. It's a perfect medium pink with mauve tone peaking through. Again, this would look stunning on all skin tones. I found this one to be not as drying as Candy K and more comfortable. 

To wrap this long post, I do recommend you try these out if you have the chance because they are lovely shades it. Although, i'm sure there are many dupes out there that have even better formula. 

Have a lovely week!
Love always,
Sara xo


  1. They look really nice, but still they're quite expensive. I think there are cheaper dupes, although some of the kylie jenner lip kit shades are really unique.
    I really like Candy and also Dolce is one of my favorites.
    Lovely review,dear xx

  2. Very nice review,informative, straight to the point and descriptive. Happy Shopping and Reviewing

  3. Very nice review,informative, straight to the point and descriptive. Happy Shopping and Reviewing