August 23, 2014

Things can get tough

I have been going through a tough time with myself recently and no matter how hard I try to look at the positives in life, the negatives keep bouncing back. I've been under a lot of stress with school and other things in my life. Self doubt runs through my mind and I can't seem to control it. But I guess that's typical teenage problems. It's important as humans to focus on the good things in life and not worry about the bad things that can happen. No matter how tough things get, we need to remind ourselves that the pain will go away..

But how? - There are so many ways we can overcome these obstacles. Some of the ways that help me include listening to music, getting lost in a book, meditating, giving myself some time to breathe and reminding myself that it will be okay eventually.

Music: Not only what you hear, but something you feel. A method of escape, a reminder. 

I love listening to music, every day. I love listening to songs that have a meaning to me, or songs that I can relate to. There's a song for everything and every mood. I believe everyone can relate to a song no matter what it may be. When I loose hope I like listening to songs that remind me that my life isn't over. When I feel anxious, I listen to songs that calm me down.

For example;
- Just Keep Breathing: We the Kings
- Impossible Is Nothing: Iggy Azalea
- Afire Love: Ed Sheeran
- Paradise: Cold Play
- Be Alright: Justin Bieber
- Skyscraper: Demi Lovato
- Pretty Hurts: Beyonce
- Happy Little Pill: Troye Sivan
- By The Grace Of God: Katy Perry
- Who You Are: Jesse J
- Somewhere Only We Know: Keane

Reading: Distracts you physically, mentally and emotionally. A method of taking your mind of something. 

Reading is an escape. I don't do it a lot but i'm trying. Reading a book gets you lost in another world and distracts you from reality, which is what we need sometimes. It takes your mind off things and gives you time to relax and take a breather from your life. Reading anything, any book, any magazine can give you a chance to loose your worries for however long it may be. Try reading if you ever feel like you need a distraction! :)

Meditating: focus of one's mind for a period of time

Mediating is a fun way to forget about everything. I try meditating once in a while when i'm under a lot of stress. It can be hard to focus on nothing when you have a lot on your mind but meditating relaxes the soul and contemplates your thoughts. It's difficult when you have a loud household but when you get 5 minutes of silence, use it wisely and meditate!

Breathing: calming yourself down, slowly 

INHALE, EXHALE, REPEAT! We all breathe right? Sometimes we forget when we're feeling a bit anxious, but that's okay. Taking a breather when things get tough is very important. It allows you to catch your breath, calm yourself down and relax. Walking away from the situation and inhaling and exhaling slowly helps calm the soul.

Reminder: It will be okay in the end

And finally, reminders. It's extremely important to remind yourself that everything will be okay. No matter what. I know when things get crazy we can feel like we're going to die but IT'S GOING TO BE FINE! Remind yourself constantly that whatever the problem is, it won't last forever!

It's okay not to be okay!


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