October 18, 2014

Review: Rimmel London Wonder'Full Mascara

Finally got my hands on this bad boy that everyone is raving about.
( Rimmel London Wonder'Ful Mascara)

This mascara contains Argan oil which is supposed to be good for your lashes. The rose gold packaging stole my heart so I was very keen on trying it out. 

It claims to have clump free volume & high definition mascara. I have short and stumpy lashes so this sounded good to me. 


- Natural
- Long lashes
- Wand is soft
- Build-able
- Works well on lower lashes
- Lashes feel soft
- No clumps


- Doesn't give much volume
- Takes a while to build

Over all opinion:

This mascara is clump-free and natural looking. I love the wand because it's soft and easy to use. This mascara definitely takes time to build up but that's not a huge problem for me. The result is very natural so it's perfect for school, work or day to day wear. I'd say the mascara is more lengthening than volumizing. I haven't noticed a major difference in my lashes from the argan oil but my lashes definitely feel softer. If you're looking for a natural, clump free mascara, you should give this a try!


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