August 12, 2018

What I loved in July.

The award for the most challenging and draining rollercoaster of the month officially goes to JULY! This past month has been extremely overwhelming. It has been a struggle mentally and emotionally but I have made it out alive. All the planets are in retrograde and that has lead to odd dreams, lack of motivation and an over analysis of every minor situation - it sucks but we always have to power through. That being said, this crazy time has made me spend a little extra care on myself - particularly involving skin care which I am excited to share.

I am usually not one to notice the impact of a face primer, however, I have noticed a difference in the way my makeup looks from using the Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer. This primer is very hydrating and acts as a comfortable base to apply foundation - giving the skin a smooth finish. I have noticed that my base makeup lasts a lot longer and also noticed a difference in how products sit on my skin. 

The Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash mascara has been a favourite of mine these last few months, purely because it makes my lashes look so long and full. The wand holds the lashes upward without weighing them down and at the same time makes the lashes look dramatic and wispy. This is hands down one of my all time favourite mascaras that I will be repurchasing. 

I have been taking extra care with my skin this last month and have actually for the first time in a long time received so many compliments on how my skin looks. I can give credit to the LUSH Angels On Bare Skin facial cleanser that I have been using every night. This product gives my skin a deep cleanse whilst at the same time gives a gentle exfoliation that results in smooth, glowing and hydrated skin. From using this, I have also noticed an improvement in how my foundation sits on my skin.

The LUSH Chocolate Lip Scrub has helped me fight chapped lips during this cold weather. LUSH lip scrubs in general have been well loved by me over the years. This sugar scrub in particular not only smells and tastes amazing due to its rich - chocolatey nature, but deeply exfoliates the dead/flaky skin on the lips. I love how soft my lips feel after using this.

Evidently, hydrating my skin has been a priority this month and often I only focus on the face rather the entire body. The LUSH Scrubee Body Butter has made my entire body feel so soft. This product not only smells incredible, but the rich infused cocoa butter melts into the skin when used in the shower that acts as both a moisturiser and exfoliator. I am pretty lazy with body lotions so this does everything I need and has saved my skin.

I watched Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again twice this July and my gosh it was so good. I love the soundtrack, the cast and how emotional it was. I am a huge fan of the first film, and this one was even better, especially because I could sing at the top of my lungs in the cinema with my besties. I couldn't stop smiling after watching it.

It is always important to take time for yourself which is something I am taking on with me this August.

Love always,
Sara xo.

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